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Cryptocurrency Trading Club

Earn While You Learn


Dav 2 Trade

Dav 2 Trade is a trading club that offers you a chance to learn how to trade on the cryptocurrency market.
The cryptocurrency market is new, highly competitive, and can be confusing for new traders.
We have a trading license that we share with our traders.
You can obtain the license and earn while you learn.

Since the cryptocurrency market is very competitive it is difficult to succeed alone.
By building a network we want to create a chance to weigh in on this market.
Join us and other cryptocurrency traders and beat the crypto-market.

Trading Wallet

We also offer users a chance to explore and buy new ICOs.
ICOs are the biggest trend at the moment in the crypto-world, and through Dav 2 Trade you have a chance to learn more about them.

Shared Trading License

The trading with the license is automatized, but you can also trade on your own if you possess the trading skills.
You can also join the Matrix and we will provide you with signals, news and lessons about the cryptocurrency market, before anyone else.

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Earn while you learn

The cryptocurrency market can be difficult to understand. Dav 2 Trade gives you the opportunity to learn how to trade digital-coins.

Signals, News and Lessons

If you join the Crypto Club we will provide you with the latest signals, news, and lessons that can help you while trading on the cryptocurrency market.


The latest technology and constant updates on the platform helps us keep your data and assets in a safe place.

Trading Wallet

Dav 2 Trade doesn’t just enable you to trade with cryptocurrencies. On our platform you can find a list of the newest ICOs that you can buy.

Ongoing Support

If you have a question or issue with a specific feature on the platform, our support is here to help you.

Career opportunity

There are 7 different career levels available with different benefits.


Affiliate partners program

By referring new traders to our platform, each time they purchase a license, you get 10% commission from direct, first level, referrals and 3% from the second level referrals. You also get 10% commission every day from the total amount of licenses purchased by the weaker-leg of the whole tree.

10% commision
from weakest leg
Up to 1000 $ / Day

Crypto Club

If you join the Crypto Club you will get the latest signals and news from the cryptocurrency market, for a monthly subscription fee of $100.As a Premium Member, you will also get exclusive chance to obtain certain ICOs before anyone else. You can also refer other people to the Crypto Club and earn a commission up to 7 levels. The more referrals you attract the higher the commission.

Earn up to 50%
Through 7 levels


There are 7 different career levels available. Each time you reach a different level there is an award that will be transferred to your Trading wallet. Later you can use the compensation to buy new ICOs from the list that we have provided on the platform.

Advance in your career
to earn more and more

Choosing a license

The license enables you to trade automatically on the platform and learn about trading with cryptocurrencies. When you get the license you also get a referral link that you can send to potential traders.
After you obtain it, the license will start working 7-10 days later. When the license starts working you will start to receive a daily (Monday to Friday) commission to your Income Wallet.
There are 9 different license packs available on our platform. Each license pack has different benefits.




















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